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Neighborhood Programs are the major initiative of the EU, created for financing neighborhood projects along the new Eastern border of the European Union.


Common objectives:

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Promote sustainable economic and social development of cross-border territories;

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Work jointly on solution of common problems, like environmental protection, public health, delinquency prevention and organized crime combating;

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Provide effective and secure protection of borders;

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Promote cooperation at the local level, including social networking


Within the Neighborhood programs regional partners from the two sides of the borderline are able to apply for cross-border projects, aimed to promote regional development in the fields of science, culture, infrastructure, local governance, business cooperation, environment, tourism, health and other spheres. 

6 programs for the EU and the North-western borders of Russia are developed on the background of INTERREG III A programs and cross-border cooperation TACIS:

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The Baltic Sea Region INTERREG III B Neighborhood Program (11 countries of the region, including Russia and Belorussia)

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Kolarctic neighborhood project, INTERREG III A Priority North (Finland, Norway, Murmansk and Archangelsk Oblast of RF) 

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Neighborhood program Our common border 2001-2006 INTERREG – III A –Karelia (Republic of Karelia)

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South-East Finland, St.-Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, INTERREG III A Neighborhood Program (Finland, St.-Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast) 

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Estonia – Latvia – Russia, Priority North Neighborhood Program in the Baltic Sea Region (Estonia, Latvia, Russia)

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Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation Neighborhood program, INTERREG III A / TACIS (Lithuania, Poland, Kaliningrad Oblast RF)


Neighborhood Programs

Indicative budgets

2004-06, €m

Baltic Sea Region III B


North (Kolarctic) / Russia


Karelia / Russia


South-East Finland / Russia


Baltic Sea Region III A

          Estonia /Latvia /Russia

          Latvia/ Lithuania / Belorussia


Lithuania/ Poland/ Russia (Kaliningrad)



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