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In the course of realization of the project Developing EXcellence – DEX State Organization Leningrad Oblast Center SME support was selected as an excellence center, which task is to assist Leningrad Oblast government in the development and promotion of the cooperation projects for the program “Neighborhood”.


Leningrad Oblast Center for SME (SO «LOCES») was founded in February of 2006 as a successor for the two organizations: Leningrad Oblast state enterprise “Law Bureau” and The fund for SME support in Leningrad Oblast “Resept” with the intention to use joint resources of the two aforementioned collectives in more effective realization of the policy of small-scale entrepreneurship support of Leningrad Oblast government. There were several reasons for this decision and the most important among them were: growing demands of small and medium size businesses and variety of instruments, provided by the Regional task program for support of the small-scale entrepreneurship, which is currently realized.


The realization of the previous program for years 2003-2005 appeared to be complicated. The program required to fulfill many activities for entrepreneurship support, which were new not only for Leningrad Oblast, but also for Russia in general. Despite relatively moderate budget allocated for the SME support, the program attracted intent attention of the entrepreneurs community, governments at all levels, controlling units of Leningrad Oblast. Following intense discussion of the different forms, practices and results of the activities for entrepreneurship support in Leningrad Oblast in years 2003-2005 the Regional task program for support of SME in 2006-2008 was designed. The program includes new activities, new procedures of their realization, it requires a higher degree of the responsibilities from the part of the principal actors and more demanding criteria for the evaluation of the results.


“Leningrad Oblast Center for SME support” currently is the main coordinator distributing funds allocated from the budget of Leningrad Oblast for the support of the small-scale entrepreneurship.


Organization  SO «LOCES» currently is realizing more than 20 activities, which are the elements of the Regional task program “The Development and State Support of SME in Leningrad Oblast in 2006 – 2008”. Among these activities are different kinds of legal, methodical, organizational and financial support for SME, for municipal organizations, supporting SME, for the residents of Leningrad oblast, starting their own business. These are informational seminars on the legislation on small-scale entrepreneurship, educational seminars and trainings for the employees of municipal organizations, seminars on the important issues of the foreign-economic activity for the managers of the export-oriented businesses, consultations and contests, helping the development of small businesses and organizations, supporting SME; direct financing of small businesses and municipal infrastructural organizations, supporting SMEs.


All kinds of activities related the Regional task program either financial or educational take the form of a  tender or a contest and are regulated by  federal legislation and legal acts of Leningrad Oblast government. According the federal Law “On the fulfilling orders on providing goods, works and services needed by state or municipal bodies” № 94 from 25.07.2005 SO «LOCES» acts as a governmental agent responsible for the contracts for the activities included in the Regional task program. In 2006 SO «LOCES» negotiated more than 15 governmental contractual works and services provided by the “Regional task program”.


Leningrad Oblast Center for SME support offers all kinds of financial support for the small-scale entrepreneurship, provided by the Regional task program: lax credits, start-up loans, reimbursement for interest payments, reimbursement of the costs, related to participation in exhibitions, reimbursement of the costs of the municipal organizations, providing free services for entrepreneurs; subsidies for municipal organizations for organizing of seminars and conferences on different topics.


The reviewing committee was organized affiliated to SO «LOCES», which task is to consider applications of the new entrepreneurs for the start-up grants. The members of the committee are employees of SO «LOCES», the representatives of entrepreneurs’ community, representatives of the related departments of Leningrad Oblast government, such as the committee for SME and consumer market development, the committee for trade and employment, the committee for public health. Till 15th of November 2006 committee reviewed 37 applications for subsidies and awarded start-up grants (in amount from 70 to 100 thousand rubles) to 24 representatives of socially disadvantaged groups and youth for the starting of their own business. The winners of this contest get their grants signing contracts with SO «LOCES» after they fulfill all conditions of the contest.


Leningrad Oblast Center for SME support has four structural departments:


Financial provision department

Department provides organizational and financial support for the regional task program “The Development and State Support for SME in Leningrad Oblast in 2006 – 2008”, purchases goods and services needed by local government for the realization of the regional task program, organizes tenders, provides financing for small-scale entrepreneurs and organizations supporting entrepreneurship.


Department “Leningrad Oblast Juridical Bureau”

The functions of the department include: organizing and conducting informational seminars on the legal aspects of entrepreneurial activities, consulting SMEs on legal issues, pretrial adjustment of disputes, analyzing of small-scale entrepreneurs requests and complaints, preparing suggestions for the improvement of the legislation in the sphere of entrepreneurship.


Department “Agency for export development”

The department provides information for entrepreneurs on prospective foreign partners, providers of consulting services, international exhibitions, fairs and conferences; consultations on the export potential development including issues related to the costs of exporting of various products, regulations for exporters, customs procedures, VAT refunds, related to export and certification of different products; organizes seminars on urgent issues of external economic activity; helps enterprises to establish relations with foreign partners.


Department for information provision

The department collects, analyzes, systematizes and distributes information needed by entrepreneurs, monitors activities of the users of the state grants; develops and provides informational and presentational materials, helping to develop small enterprises and to promote their production; helps enterprises to develop subcontracting relations; supports web sites of governmental organizations.


Leningrad Oblast Center for entrepreneurship support is an active participant in the program of the neighboring countries Interreg III B.


On 24-25th of April, 2006 the first pilot seminar "Successful municipal development policy: good practice of Central Finland and perspectives of cooperation in EU TACIS programs” was conducted by Leningrad Oblast government in which representatives of the Center participated. At the seminar the chairman of the “Committee for SME and consumer market development” presented report on priority targets of SME supporting activities in Leningrad Oblast. Another part of the seminar was a workshop for the DEX project participants “How to use the gained knowledge and experience in future work on development of SME support services (including international projects)”.



Head of the organization: Matyushkin Vladimir Dmitrievich

Tel.: (812) 576-65-77
(812) 576-64-06




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