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Pskov regional foundation of SME support                               


In the framework of Developing EXcellence – DEX project Pskov Oblast fund (center) for SME support was selected as an excellence  center, which is assisting the Pskov Oblast administration in promotion of cooperation projects of in the framework of Neighborhood program.


Pskov Oblast fund (center) for SME support (the Fund) was founded in 1998. The Fund was established by Pskov Oblast Administration and Federal fund for SME support. The primary purpose of the activity of the Fund is assisting operations of the subjects of the small-scale entrepreneurship.


The purposes are:

· development and support for SMEs in Pskov Oblast;

· financing programs, projects and measures aimed at development and support of SME in Pskov Oblast;

· development of infrastructure for SME;

· assisting the establishment and development of business contacts of the subjects of small-scale entrepreneurship;

· attracting investments for SME projects financing.


The fund performs various integrated activities, providing financial support for SMEs, assisting lease contracts, providing services for entrepreneurs in the sphere of business development, promoting their production or services. The experts of the Fund besides theoretical knowledge have vast practical experience. Since 2003 the Fund has been developing new direction of activity: exhibitions and marketing (in 2003 the Fund participated in the contest and was awarded the grant from the federal budget in amount of 1.5 million rubles for the development of exhibition activity). With the help of experts of the Fund new technologies of conducting business are implemented at the enterprises, new projects aimed at increasing of efficiency of operations are realized and also trainings and seminars are conducted. During the years of operations two directions were successfully integrated: by assisting enterprises to carry-out various projects and to increase the quality of their service and products the Fund decreases the risks related to the loans, which the Fund provides for these enterprises.


Projects and partners

The employees of the Fund have developed and are currently implementing the project “Business tourism”, which provides real opportunities for the mutually beneficial partnership, including international partnership. The Fund has repeatedly participated in the contests not only for loans, but also for grants for the development of the various projects. For example, the grant provided by the Federal fund, helped to develop and to conduct educational courses “The basics of entrepreneurship activity” for the entrepreneurs. This grant allowed starting up several new enterprises.


In 2003 the Fund became the winner in a contest, which was conducted by the US Agency for International Development for the program of providing services for clients in non-banking sphere and received 1.2 millions rubles for implementation of the program “Microfinancing”. Since 2005 in the framework of the project of the development of the beneficial environment for entrepreneurship, related to the international project (SIDA fund), the Resources center for female entrepreneurs “ISKRA” was founded and now is actively operating.


The main purpose of the plan for development of Fund activities is creation of the House of Business Partnership for SME. This project aims at several tasks:

· Concentrating and organizing of regional informational resources and providing access for these resources (databases of goods, databases of producers, legal databases etc.). Organizing and operating of a register for regional informational resources;

· Organizing and supporting the database of advanced technologies for business organizing and operating;

· Consulting services for managing and restructuring enterprises, financial management and marketing;

· Analyzing and developing business-plans and investment projects;

· Preparing analytical reports and recommendations in the spheres of marketing, electronic commerce, management, informational technologies etc.;

· Developing and implementing international ISO 9000 standards (version 2000);

· Legal support;

· Providing centralized accounting service;

· Assisting in the establishing partnerships;

· Providing services for preparation and realization of international projects, including the Neighborhood programs.


The organization of the House for Business Partnership (HBP), which accumulates different opportunities for providing necessary informational and analytical services for business, was a logical continuation of the general strategy of SME support in Pskov region.


The main principles of HBP are “All information needed for business is provided at a single place” or “Our knowledge and experience is offered for the successful development of your business”.


Pskov Oblast fund for SME support is actively participating in realization of international projects.


October 3-4 of 2006 Seminar of the DEX Project: Developing Excellence centre’s network for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region was conducted at the premises of the legislative council of Pskov Oblast. The representatives of the State committee of Pskov Oblast for economic development and property relations informed the participants about the strategy of the regional development and about the regional task program “State support for SME development in Pskov Oblast in 2002-2003”, and also about Pskov Oblast participation in the programs of international cooperation. The representative of the Committee for investments and strategic development made the presentation on the investment opportunities in Pskov Oblast for the participants of the seminar.



Head of the organization: Zhyravleva Svetlana

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